We strive to continue to be the best provider of bitumen,
rather than simply to be the biggest in the industry.
Producing & Exporting
a Wide Range of Bitumen Grades
with the highest possible quality
kasra bitumen
kasra bitumen


Kasra Bitumen Refining ( KBR ), located in Bandar abbas –Iran, was stablished in 2016 with the aim of producing and exporting a wide range of bitumen grades with the highest possible quality to many different countries. Having full production capacity of 910,000 MT/year in variety packagings such as Drum, Bulk, Bitu bag, Bitutainer, Cutback has been ranked us as one of the leading producers in private sectors in region along with bitumen market. We believe great customer service is the foundation of our success.

Who we are KBR is specialist in producing and exporting of bitumen in all grades and various packaging. We are committed to provide quality bitumen products and services and ensure it is delivered within Budget, on time.


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